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Refer one of our most popular phones


Samsung Galaxy J3 + Amazon Echo Dot

£20 Reward

Apple iPhone 8

£50 Reward

Samsung Galaxy S9

£70 Reward

Apple iPhone X

£100 Reward

Browse all of our amazing phones and rewards or simply refer and friend now.


Refer one of our most popular SIM's


500MB Data

£10 Reward

4GB Data

£20 Reward

15GB Data

£30 Reward

Unlimited Data
cable exclusive*

£40 Reward

*The Unlimited data for £25 a month SIM Only plan is available to existing Virgin TV and Broadband customers.

Browse all our SIM's and find one to recommend to a friend.

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Refer Virgin Media broadband, TV and phone

If you’re a Virgin Media Cable customer, you can get £50 off for you and a friend when they sign up to our broadband and TV services.

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When can I refer a Friend?
You can refer a friend whenever you want to using our quick and easy online referral tool. You do not have to be a Virgin Media or Virgin Mobile customer.
Is my friend eligible?
In order for you both to be eligible for the referral reward, all purchases must be for on a new contract directly from This offer is not valid on upgrades, redeemed in store, over the phone or via third-party sellers such as The Carphone Warehouse.
Who gets the reward, me or my friend?
You can choose to keep the reward yourself, share the reward 50/50 with your friend, or give it all to them. It’s your call.
When will I get my reward?
We’ll release the reward within 28 days of your friend’s phone being delivered, assuming they don’t return their phone under our 14 day Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.
What rewards are available?

Handset referral's

Handset Value
£0 - £348
£349 - £588
£589 - £828
£829 - £1068
Over £1069

SIM referral's

Handset Value
£0 - £6
£7 - £10
£11 - £20
Over £21
I’m splitting the reward with my friend. When will they receive their reward?
We will release both payments at the same time; within 28 days of your friend’s phone being delivered, assuming they don’t return their phone under our 14 day Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.
When will we find out how to claim our reward?
Once the purchase has been validated, and the Customer Satisfaction Guarantee period has passed, we will email both you and your friend to let you know how you can claim your reward. Please allow up to 28 days to receive your email. You will both need to register with our referral partner as part of the reward process.
Can my friend sign up somewhere other than online?

No. Once you have referred your friend they will receive an email with a link to the device you have chosen to refer. In order to register the referral your friend must click the link in the email, and complete the sale online.

Your friend doesn’t have to purchase the device you recommended. When they click the link in the email we will place a cookie on their device that will apply a reward if they order a different handset within 30 days (so they will receive the reward as long as they use the same device and don’t clear their cache).

Does my friend need to follow the instructions in the email straight away?

Once the email has been sent, they have 30 days to follow the link and make a purchase, after which the referral will expire.

If they missed the chance first time around, you’re free to send another referral to them – or anyone else – whenever you want.

Will all the benefits of 4G, like free WhatsApp messaging and Data Rollover be available to my friend?
Of course! Anyone who takes out a Freestyle plan with Virgin Mobile will enjoy all of the great features of being with us, including Data Rollover and free messaging on WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.
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