Getting practical

We want to help parents make informed, confident choices about how they manage their home internet use. That’s why we’ve been working with parenting experts at The Parent Zone on loads of practical ways you can make sure your family gets the best from the web.

Switched On Families Playbook

We’ve spoken to thousands of parents and families right across the country about their internet concerns. What we heard was clear: everyone’s overwhelmingly positive about the web, but some people want more guidance from companies like us to help keep kids safe online.

The Switched On Families Playbook does just that. It’s an interactive guide to help you figure out what the web can do to support your child’s development, as well as the potential challenges and solutions.

Things to know

The web’s packed with fun and knowledge for your kids to explore. But just like in the real world, there are things we all need to watch out for.

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Happening now

To help you keep up with the what’s happening online including the latest apps and crazes, we’re asking the people who are best placed to give you the lowdown – kids.

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