Samsung Galaxy A3 (2016) Black + Alcatel Pixi 4 7-inch WiFi Android tablet

Enjoy 4G as standard on all our flexible Pay Monthly plans

Plus get all these exciting extras:

Data Rollover: keep unused data
Data-free messaging on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Twitter
Change your 4G plan up or down every month
Roam like home in 43 destinations
Add great value phone insurance

Have you got Virgin Media broadband or TV in your home?

Exclusively for Virgin Media customers like you

Unlimited calls to other Virgin Mobile phones.

Well we don't mind - you can now get the same prices on our top tariffs as our TV and Broadband customers


Freestyle Contracts: when two become one...

one contract for your phone, and one for your minutes, texts and data

Your phone contract will last for 24 or 36 months and your minutes, text and data is on a rolling 30 day contract. Because of this you can change your plan up or down every 30 days and you can say ‘bye-bye’ to your old phone and ‘hello’ to a new one by simply paying off the remaining cost of your old phone's loan.

And why do we call them Freestyle Contracts?
Because they let you do things your way.



Enjoy 4G as standard on all our flexible Pay Monthly plans

4G as standard on all our flexible plans

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99% 4G population coverage

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Free WiFi at 2 million+ hotspots

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Roam like home in 43 destinations

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We’ll help you keep your number

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Got a question about our services?


What if I go over my data allowance?

Text alerts
We’ll always give you a friendly text before you get too close to your limit when you’ve used 75% of your data, 95%, and then 100%.

£3 per day for each GB you use
But if you do go over, we’ll only charge you £3 per GB for each day you use mobile internet on your phone. Not bad, eh?

Flexibility to switch to a higher tariff - and back down
If you find you’re using more data than your current tariff gives you, you can move up to another tariff that gives you more, whenever you want. You can also move back down again if you find yourself using less data later. We’re flexible like that.

Get the My Account app
Oh, and don’t forget, you can download our My Account app or log in to Your Account online to see how much you’ve used so far each month. It’s a great way to stay in control of how much data you use.

Connect to WiFi with our free app
If you travel around a bit, be sure to download our free WiFi buddy app, which gives you unlimited WiFi in over 20 million hotspots in the UK and abroad. Get free, fast data when you’re out and about without using up your mobile data allowance. And like a good buddy, it won’t bug you about connections – it’ll simply connect you to friendly hotspots automatically.

Do you do unlimited data?

No but our tariffs do give you loads of data
Most of us tend to use way less mobile internet data than we think. We bet you’ll find our 5GB option is more than enough data to keep you ticking over for the whole month. 5GB of mobile data is equivalent to about 150 hours of steady internet browsing over the month or 5 hours a day. And that’s without ever using WiFi! Or with our 10GB tariff you can double it to a huge 10 hours a day! When did you last use your phone that much in a day?

We help you monitor your data usage
If you want to keep an eye on your data, you can manage how much you’re using with our My Account app and by logging into Your Account online. We’ll also let you know by text when you’re at 75%, 95% and 100% of your limit.

Use our free WiFi app instead of mobile data
If you download our free WiFi buddy app you’ll get unlimited WiFi in over 20 million hotspots in the UK and abroad. It’s a great way to get free data when you’re out and about without eating into your data allowance. Best of all, it connects your phone automatically to hotspots, so there’s nothing extra to do once it’s installed – just kick back and browse.


Can I cap my contract?

No caps but lots of help to stay in control
While we don’t let you put a cap on your contract (sometimes there’s nothing more frustrating than not being able to use your phone when you really need to) we do help you keep tight control on your usage.

Text alerts when you're near your limits
If you’re getting close to your minutes or data limit we’ll buzz you with a text. To stay in control of how many minutes and how much data you use you can download our My Account app or log in to Your Account online and see exactly what you’ve used this month.

Flexibility to change to a new tariff
If you find you’re using more minutes or data than your current tariff can handle you can upgrade to a tariff that gives you more. Or if you find you’re using less, you can move down to a cheaper tariff. We’re totally flexible. For full details of costs outside your tariff, see our pay monthly charges outside your tariff.

Why two contracts?

Simple. To give you flexibility we have one contract for your handset loan - it will last for 24 or 36 months dpending on what you choose. And another 30 day rolling contract for your airtime. So if you ever want to cancel the airtime contract you just need to give us 30 days' notice. Your handset loan will carry on until you pay it off, which you can do on the agreed installments, or earlier. Whatever suits you best.


What if I'm still in a contract?

Order up to 3 weeks in advance
Don't worry, if you're still in a contract elsewhere, you can delay delivery of your new phone for up to 3 weeks into the future and you won't have to pay a penny until then. That'll give you plenty of time to break the news to your old network that you're moving on to better things. It could get emotional...

Guarantee a great deal you've seen today
When you order today for a later delivery, we'll reserve the phone, price and any extras like tablets for you in a nice safe place where no one else can get them. So you'll never miss out, even if the offer ends in the meantime.

Switching your mobile to Virgin Media

Can I keep my number?

Yes! If you’ve got your current mobile number memorised to a tee, we can transfer it to your new phone in one working day once you’ve got a fixed date for the transfer.

Simply call your current provider a call and ask for your PAC code. Then call us free on 789 from your new Virgin Mobile phone when it arrives, give us your PAC code and our number transfer fairies will do the rest for you.

But if you’re happy getting a new number, you don’t need to do anything. Just sit back and wait for your new phone to arrive and then you’re ready to roll.


What’s your signal like in my area?

With Virgin Mobile you get 99% 4G population coverage. Nothing’s gonna stop you chatting.

Check the signal strength in your area now.

Staying satisfied

Can I return my phone if I change my mind?
Of course! With our 14-day Customer Satisfaction Guarantee you can return your phone for a full refund minus any airtime you’ve used. Or, get a replacement within 14 days of receiving the phone. We’ll even send you the envelope to post it back to us in. Nice, eh?
Does my phone come with a warranty?
Yes! All our fabulous phones come with a reassuring 24 month warranty (12 months for iPhone) so if you have a problem with it, don’t sweat, we should be able to repair your device or replace it free of charge so long as you’re still in warranty. See what’s covered.

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